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Specimen IDScientific NameCollector(s) (verbatim)Date CollectedCollection NumberCountyStateCountryLocality (verbatim)
UC2038901Chara ceratophyllaA. Braun1896-00-00s.n.Warmia-MasuriaPolandLyck (Ełk)
UC2038902Chara ceratophyllaL. J. Wahlstedt18 1/8 71s.n.GotlandSwedenGotland vid. Peter
UC2038903Chara ceratophyllaL. J. WahlstedtAu. 1871s.n.
UC2038904Chara ceratophyllaA. Brauns.n.NeuchatelSwitzerlandLake Neuchatell, near Cortaillod
UC2038905Chara ceratophyllaSept 1844s.n.[ Nuchaseller See? ]
UC2038906Chara ceratophyllas.d.s.n.
UC2038907Chara ceratophyllaA. Braun1846-00-00s.n.Saxony-AnhaltGermanyAus am Mansfelder Falreen bei Salle
UC2038908Chara ceratophyllaA. BraunSept 1844s.n.[ Nuchaseller? See? ]
UC2038909Chara ceratophyllaSpt 1844s.n.NeuchatelSwitzerlandNeuchaseller See [ Neuchâtel? ]
UC2038910Chara ceratophyllaGermanyBerlin
UC2038911Chara ceratophyllaA. Braun1832-00-00s.n.GermanyIm Tegelsee bei Berlin
UC2038912Chara ceratophyllaBrauns.d.s.n.
UC2038913Chara ceratophyllaA. Borza1923-07-01s.n.RomaniaDobrogea, Constanta, in stagnis ad Mamaia, solo arenoso
UC2038914Chara ceratophyllaA. Braun1893-08-00s.n.GermanyAm salzigen See bei Wansleben
UC2038915Chara ceratophyllaA. Brauns.d.s.n.Saxony-AnhaltGermanyDomicken bei Wansleben am Mansfelder
UC2038916Chara ceratophylla1856-06-15Saxony-AnhaltGermanyMansfelder
UC2038917Chara ceratophyllaSchlauters.d.36NiedersachsenGermanyHildesheim
UC2038918Chara ceratophyllas.d.37Saxony-AnhaltGermanyWansleben
UC2038919Chara ceratophyllaA. Brauns.d.38BerlinGermanyBerlin
UC2038920Chara ceratophyllaA. Brauns.d.s.n.
UC2038921Chara ceratophyllaWallmans.d.s.n.
UC2038922Chara ceratophyllaL. J. Wahlstedt1893-08-00s.n.ScaniaSwedenKristianstad
UC2038923Chara ceratophyllaL. J. Wahlstedt1893-08-00s.n.ScaniaSwedenKristianstad
UC2038924Chara ceratophyllaT. Leth1871-08-14s.n.DenmarkSjaelland: Lake Furesø near Staunsholt
UC2038925Chara ceratophyllaMichel Gandoger1907-00-00s.n.TunisiaSfax
UC2038926Chara ceratophyllaMichel Gandoger1907-00-00s.n.TunisiaSfax
UC2038927Chara ceratophylla1870-11-27s.n.United StatesRavensborg [?]
UC2038928Chara ceratophylla1870-11-23s.n.
UC2038929Chara ceratophyllaF. Hy1891-08-00s.n.Pays de la LoireFranceSaint Barthélemy (Maine et Loire)
UC2038930Chara ceratophyllaEdler1887-08-00s.n.GermanyGreifswald
UC2038931Chara ceratophyllaC. Baenitz1870-11-27s.n.GermanyKonigsberg
UC2038932Chara ceratophyllaC. Baenitz1879-07-29s.n.PomeraniaPolandDantzig Westerplatte (Gdańsk)
UC2040428Chara ceratophyllaC. Baenitz26/7.87s.n.BavariaGermanyBayern: Starnberger See bei Starnberg; 47.903482 11.313245
UC2040429Chara ceratophylla1893-00-00s.n.

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