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Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (L.) Hayek


Lat / Long 37.763056,-118.8225 [click for map]
Major Group:Spermatophytes
Collector(s): Michael Honer
Collection Number:896
Date Collected:Jun 7 2001
Georeference Source:Z
Locality (verbatim): Glass Mountain Region; N edge of Long Valley; springfed meadow above 4WD ranch rd., near base of slopes rising N.
Country:United States
Elevation:7400 ft
Habitat:10ยก SSW-facing springfed meadow, appx. 40m across. Heavily grazed and (recently?) burnt meadow and surrounding scrub. Granitic and pumice soil. Dry bajada uplands densly infested with Bromus tectorum, with occasional recovering Artemisia tridentata, Pursh; with Carex, Cirsium, Rosa woodsii, Smilacina stellata, Aquilegia, and Populus tremuloides just uphill.
Other Numbers:
  • RSA-683061 (Other Label Number)
  • P (Project Code)
Type Assertions?:no
Comments: ; Dense colonies in flowing stream. Up to 4dm tall.
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