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Rhamnus crocea Nutt.


Lat / Long 34.3305,-118.8578 [click for map]
Major Group:Spermatophytes
Collector(s): A. D. Gifford
Collection Number:111
Date Collected:Apr 11 1934
Locality Source:trs2LL
Georeference Source:Z
Locality (verbatim): 3 mi n Mouth of Happy Camp Canyon; Piru Quad.
Country:United States
Elevation:1100 ft
Habitat:veg type Sage,;
Description:includes macromorphology:
Other Numbers: FS 79630; No. 161B; Herb. No. 247 (Other Label Number)
Type Assertions?:no
Comments: data in packet: ; includes common name; includes associated taxa
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