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Symphyotrichum lentum (Greene) G. L. Nesom


Lat / Long 38.15583,-121.69028 [click for map]
Major Group:Spermatophytes
Previous Determinations:
  • Symphyotrichum lentum (Greene) G. L. Nesom, by John Strother, Jun 6 2007 (identification or reidentification). Curatorial action per FNANM
  • Aster lentus Greene (identification or reidentification)
  • . followed by "affin. occidentalis (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray s. l. (the plant resembles the type of A. palodicula Piper). Not A. lentus!"
  • Aster L., by Almut G. Jones, 1986 (variant name). Data Source: Accession sheet
  • Aster sonomensis Greene (identification or reidentification). nocl; followed by "or very near it!"
  • Aster lentus Greene, by M. L. Dean, 1966 (identification or reidentification)
  • Aster lentus Greene, by Geraldine A. Allen, 1987 (identification or reidentification)
Collector(s): Willis L. Jepson
Date Collected:Sep 16 1891
Locality Source:Biogeomancer
Georeference Source:Z
Locality (verbatim): Rio Vista
Country:United States
Type Assertions?:no
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