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mummy mask

LatLong: 26.8532379918,30.81681656 [click for map]

Object Type:archaeology

Object Count:1

Department:Cat. 5 - Africa (except the Hearst Reisner Egyptian Collection)

Collection Place:Egypt

Collection Place (verbatim):Egypt

Collector:Donald Heyneman

Description:cartonnage mummy mask; gold gilded face with painted eyes and eyebrows. Nose and mouth molded only, no paint. A double line, barred, separates the face and collars from the wig reinforcing the hieroglyph for 'face'. There are 6 rows of collars using white, blue and red. The top collar beneath the chin is solid red with alternating dots of yellow and green (which are larger than the yellow). The second collar is alternating triangles and inverted triangles, the triangles are solid yellow, the inverted triangles are blue with a red stripe, bordered in white- horizontal, with a white dot on the centered bottom. The third row has four rectangles, each crossed with a white line (corner to corner), dividing the rectangle into 4 triangles, alternating from red top & bottom with blue sides to blue top & bottom with red sides. The fourth collar is the same design and color as the second collar. The fifth collar has tear-drop shaped beads (5) alternating in yellow, blue, red, blue, yellow with an unpainted of white background. Between each collar is a white or unpainted border. The wig is painted solid blue, with a black boarder along the forehead. The two ears are outlined in red.

Context of Use:Funerary Equipment



Comment:Ptolomaic period

Accession Number:Acc.3155

Accession Date:August 6, 1975

Acquisition Date:August 6, 1975

Donor:Donald Heyneman

Object Type Object Name Ethnographic File Code Materials Culture or Time period Collection Place Collection Date Collector
mummy mask1
Donald Heyneman1

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